Innovation is at the forefront of the Christopher Guy style and each design element embodies two cherished characteristics – disciplined artistry and sturdy workmanship. The versatility of the range is apparent in the broad array of designs, from the ornately carved and gilded offerings for time-honored environs, to the sleek lines and contemporary sophistication of pieces created for more progressive interiors.

One particularly elegant design element has been patented across the United States, Europe and Asia and is destined to become an enduring and iconic classic. The Chris-X ('kris-krôs) design transcends contemporary and traditional boundaries as a truly new and original concept. Redefining the posterior of a chair, Christopher Guy chose to taper the form without compromising the comfort, structural strength or stability of the chair.

Taking inspiration from “Gone with the Wind “ icon Scarlet O’Hara’s corseted streamlined waist and square shoulders, the idea was to create a chair that was simple, sophisticated and flexible enough to work with a variety of style categories. The only way to emulate this sensuous yet elegant look was to reconfigure the rear legs, and so the Chris-X chair was born.

With engineered strength coming in the form of lamination, the Chris-X design challenged modern interpretations of the humble chair. This innovation has been extended to a full range of products as the central design element visible throughout the line.