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A Vision of Modern Elegance in Kitchen Design

CG Cucina sets a new standard in kitchen design, blending cutting‑edge trends with functional, modular elements tailored for the open‑concept living space. Crafted in our dedicated workshop in Parma, Italy, CG Cucina kitchens showcase exceptional craftsmanship and innovative Italian design, representing contemporary elegance and luxury.

The collection offers elegant solutions for appliance and utility concealment, thus ensuring aesthetic integrity. Experience an impeccably organized space with customizable layouts featuring open shelving and boiserie. These designs not only fulfill culinary needs but also effortlessly blend kitchen and living areas, facilitating a seamless transition between spaces.

CG Cucina embraces a minimalist approach, focusing on rationality and formal purity. Traditional influences have been completely reimagined, giving way to products that boast clean lines, precise calibration, and the use of high-end materials. With an emphasis on personalization, the collection features a palette of soft, natural tones and bespoke finishes, allowing for a truly customized kitchen experience.


From furnishings to kitchen design and walk-in closet solutions, every aspect of the Collection can be customized to your unique specifications.