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Kisa Harrison
CEO of Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy showroom with table, seating and mirror


Kisa Harrison is CEO of Christopher Guy. With a remarkable combination of exquisite taste and style, Kisa is continuing the legacy of her late husband, Christopher Guy Harrison. Her visionary approach and attention to detail are propelling the brand to new heights, while fostering a diverse and creative team. Experience the pinnacle of luxury living through the captivating Christopher Guy spaces curated by Kisa Harrison.

Kisa Harrison

About Kisa Harrison

Kisa Harrison, CEO of Christopher Guy, is not only a leader in the industry but also an embodiment of refined taste and elegance.

Kisa's journey in the luxury furniture industry is deeply entwined with the legacy of her late husband, British furniture design master Christopher Guy Harrison, who founded the eponymous brand. When Christopher succumbed to cancer in 2020, Kisa, resolutely took over the reins of the company.

While Christopher's creative genius and passion for exquisite craftsmanship laid the foundations for the success of the brand, it is Kisa's leadership and vision that is taking Christopher Guy to the next level.

With a distinctive approach to blending comfort and sophistication, Kisa is demonstrating remarkable leadership. Her keen eye for detail and dedication to creating beautiful environments have further solidified the reputation of Christopher Guy at the pinnacle of the luxury furnishings industry.

The company today is a melting pot of talents from various countries. Kisa believes that it is this diversity from different cultures that fuels the brand's continuous creative vitality. "This is something I learned from my late husband, to harness the richness of diversity and inspire each individual," she states.

As a visionary CEO, and a tastemaker in her personal life, Kisa continues to inspire others with her passion for design and her ability to create captivating spaces that embody the essence of luxury living.

Kisa Harrison