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Christopher Guy featuring hands

Hands: Exquisite Handmade Rugs Redefined

The story of Hands is a 142-year-old tale of constantly redefining the timeless essence of luxury and indulgence. Narrated by the devotion of skilled artisans with techniques handed down by generations of carpet makers, refined over the years. Where every carpet is individually produced and handmade in the purest sense to reflect our core values of quality and craftsmanship. To truly reflect the expression: 'art on the floor.'

Crafted using the finest materials sourced from various parts of the world and in India, including fine botanical silk and wool from New Zealand, a Hands carpet lasts for generations.

Today, the brand is housed in some of the world's most prestigious palaces, luxury hotels, and residences. The crowning glory lies in having crafted the world's finest hand knotted carpet - with an incredible 4,900 knots per square inch, and the world's largest handmade carpet, a 12,000 m2 carpet commissioned for The Grand Mosque of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan; the largest mosque in Central Asia. While the label caters to clients across the world, from San Francisco to Tokyo, Hands is present in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Dubai and Singapore.

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